UD During Vietnam Era Proposal

UD During the Vietnam Era Proposal

UD During the Vietnam Era

David Webber UD ‘73


Vietnam was the defining issue, event, concern of college students of the late 1960s-early 1970s. Being a student at UD during that era was exciting, confusing, challenging, and frustrating.

Proposed event: one or two days of presentations and discussion focusing on the impact of the Vietnam Era on students during the Vietnam Era (1965-1975). One model might be the “Teach-ins” of the 1960s.

Participants: mainly UD alumni from that period (1965-1975), but also present day UD students and faculty. Ideally it would not strictly be an “alumni event.”

Proposed format: several presentations on 1960s politics, music, cultural, and student daily life followed by reactions and discussion.

Several “big name” speakers are possible. Former UD president Brother Raymond Fitz was at UD during this period as was Lawrence Korb, former president of the Council on Foreign Relations and a undersecretary of defense.

Speakers or workshop topics:

  1. Teaching at UD during the Vietnam Era
  2. Organizing Moratorium and demonstrations
  3. Education Reform Movement
  4. Experimental College
  5. Gender and Race Issues
  6. Student communications—Flyer News
  7. Student Government
  8. Draft Counseling
  9. Library Demonstration and St. Mary Hall Takeover 1970 and Response
  10. Student Life During the Vietnam Era


Proposed date: a sunny Friday or Saturday in October 2015.

Proposed venue: if a UD department or group were to sponsor the event, it should be held on the UD campus, preferably the JFK union. If more than 25 alumni of that era are interested, a meeting room off-campus will need to be reserved.


  1. Form a Steering Committee to develop proposal, select a date, and propose a program.
  2. Start a Facebook group “UD in the Vietnam Era.”
  3. Seek UD interest and support.
  4. Begin to collect a collective history of the Vietnam Era at UD.

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